Labor Time Tracker

telephone and web employee time and attendance system

Our Founder Utiliware Mr. William Dale, PE is the San Diego Technology Executive of the Year 2009 – Finalist.

Congrats and all the best Bill. Continue your good work.

Here is the list of full services of the Labor Time Tracker’s Payroll Maintenance system,

* Payroll chores are delegated, freeing your time to build your business
* Have no worries over incorrect tax filings, your payroll processor takes on the liability
* When special questions arise, you have a professional to answer your questions
* Have access to direct deposit if you need it
* W2s and 1099s are taken care.

These were the five option, which can be implemented to save huge spending on time tracking system,

1. Build your own time tracking app,

2. Install a free / open source time tracking app,

3. Signup for a free hosted time tracking service,
This option works great for some, especially freelancers who may not need the more in-depth features of a web-based app. Even our own time tracking app, Intervals, has a free plan for this reason.

4. Pay for a hosted time tracking service.

Start punching in minutes! For your 30 Day Free trail, signup below, wait for email with login information. Login to your account and use. At the end of your trail to keep the account, just provide necessary financial information.

For Further details Visit,

How to punch using the phone ?

1. Employee calls our toll free number
Employee calls toll free number. Make sure to wait for the prompts on the phone system to ensure accurate input.

2. Key in Department ID & 3.  Key Employee PIN

Go to Phone Time Clock page to get complete info about these steps.

4. IN or OUT Punch Date and Time is stated.
If authentication is successful, then system reply’s with an IN or OUT punch status with the date and time. When completed the system hangs up.

5. Your Done. Hang up and get to work
The punch will be immediately viewable on the labor time tracker portal. Furthermore you can see the IN/OUT status of all your employees.

In last Post, I have written about the coming soon features of Labor Time Tracker.  I thought of giving a complete detailed roadmap of labor time tracker in coming days.

Approval/Archive Process:
Employee and Supervisor approvals timecard before export/archive(Q2 2009)

Salaried employees can track project time, mileage and expenses(Q3 2009)

Biometric Appliance
Use our fixed or portable hardware timeclock to punch time, eliminates “Buddy Punching”(Q4 2009)

Use in you own language(Q1 2010)

Firefox, IE and Safari plug:
Punch your timecard or timesheet with your browser(Q1 2010)

Access your account via a smart phone(Q2 2010)

Web Services:
Integrate time and attendace in your application(Q3 2010).

Here is the list of highly anticipated applications of labor time tracker,

Approval/Archive Process

Biometric Appliance


Firefox, IE and Safari addon-plug ins

Punch from your Blackberry/iPhone

Web Services – Integrate time and attendace in your application

In next Post We will explain in detail about the coming soon features.

Labor Time Tracker have introduced new Return On Investment calculator.

“Using Labor Time tracker will save your business money and time. Try our Return On Investment calculator and see for yourself.”

Just Enter
A.     Pay Period (number per year)
B.     Number of Employees
C.     Hourly Wage of Payroll Staff
D.     Average Hourly Wage of Employees
E.     Number of Hours in Work Week
F.     Number of Work Weeks per Year
G.     Minutes Spent Calculating a Time Card
H.     Time Theft per Employee per Day
I.     Margin of Error:
And Get your Return On Investment. “

Coming Soon

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Labor Time Tracker going to introduces New Feature in the system.

” Employee and Supervisor approvals timecard before export/archive ”

This will in improving security as well as becomes user friendly. Coming Soon. To see the official confirmation, Visit – Time Attendance Tracking System.

Sometimes the web is not always available to punch IN or OUT. Employees can use the phone instead. Below is the 5 easy step punch with the phone.

Its very Easy to Configure up Phone Time Clock:

Setup – Obtain employee PIN, Department ID and Toll Free Number
The clock administrator needs to login LaborTimeTracker and assign each employee a PIN. This is done by going to [Employee] tab and then selecting the specific employee. Assign the employee a PIN. Share the employee PIN, Department ID and Toll Free number (in yellow background section of form) with the employee.